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Since the 1st January 2020 the club has asked its members and guests to refrain from using plastic tees on the course and the Professional Shop is no longer selling them. It is already noticeable on the course the reduction of discarded plastic tees on the tee boxes which can only serve to help the environment in which we are lucky enough to have a golf course.

The Club are the first to signup to the "Ocean Tee Crowd" setup by who are hoping to get 25 clubs signed up to purchase 100,000 bamboo tees (per club) so that we can provide these strong sustainable bamboo tees to our members and guests at no charge. Ocean Tee Golf have taken sponsorship of our webcam page for 2020 which means there is no cost to the club at all.

Mark Evans General Manager


Mark Evans, General Manager:

"Playing golf on area of outstanding beauty and being part of the North Devon biosphere really brings home the importance of being sustainable in all of our club activities.

Reducing the use of plastic tees is just one part of a long term Package to become carbon neutral or even carbon negative."



Christy worthington head greenkeeper

Christy Worthington - Head Greenkeeper

"Anything that reduces the amount of plastic in our everyday lives, puts golf in a positive light and can reduce wear and tear on our cutting machinery has to be a good thing."






Mike Wilson Head Professional

Mike Wilson - Head Professional

"If we can do anything to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our ecosystem, no matter how small it has to be a good thing.

Getting rid of plastic tees is a small step in the right direction but a nescessary one."

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