Round 4 of The Winter Foursomes 2020

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Congratulations to Matthew Bright and Ethan Jeffery who took todays 4th round of the Winter Foursomes, as well as the whole of the twos pot!

Currently the 5th and final event is scheduled for Friday 10th April, but that is obviously pending any further restrictions on golf and golf competitions.
We will keep you updated in due course. 

The series results after 4 rounds


The series is based on your best 3 scores out of the events played and it is as usual very close at the top with probably anyone in the top 5 or so in with a chance of winning if they win the last event. The prizes are not just for the series though the top 3 today win £20/£15 and £10 in their accounts.

Hopefully the final event will be able to be played, the course is drying out really well and the greens are already teasing us with some really quick putts!

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