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Rule 29.

(a) This rule shall apply to the election of all members other than Honorary Members, Provisional Members and Temporary Members for the election or admission of whom is dealt with by Rule 3.

(b) Application for membership shall be made on the form for the time being prescribed by the Committee and which shall be obtainable from the General Manager.

(c) A Candidate on being elected shall be notified of the fact by the General Manager and furnished with a copy of these Rules.

(d) If any monies payable by a new member upon election are not paid within one calendar month of the date of election, the election shall ipso facto be invalidated unless the Committee decide otherwise.

(e) The election of members shall be by the Committee and shall be conducted in such manner as it shall from time to time decide. In the matter of election of a candidate the Committee shall have absolute discretion and it shall not be obliged to give any reason for a candidate’s failure to secure election.

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