All members of the club agree to the following code of conduct. Any breach of the below code will result in action being taken as per the club’s disciplinary policy. 

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person
  • Help create an environment where all have an equal opportunity to participate
  • Help create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment
  • Do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, religion or political opinion
  • Communicate with others in a manner that reflects respect and care
  • Do not engage in any behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect or bullying)
  • Demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times
  • Promote the positive aspects of golf (e.g. fair play, honesty and etiquette) when representing yourself or the club
  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself
  • Look out for yourself and for the welfare of others
  • Report behaviour that appears to fall below the expected standards of the club
  • Be organised and on time
  • Accept that these guidelines are in place for the wellbeing of all concerned
  • Treat organisers and coaches with respect
  • Observe instructions or restrictions required by members of club staff
  • Respect the property of both the golf club and other members
  • You should not take part in any irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate or illegal behaviour which includes:
  • Consuming illegal or performance enhancing drugs or stimulants -
  • Smoking indoors
  • Using foul language
  • Publicly using critical or disrespectful descriptions of others, including posting hurtful comments on social networking sites


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Corona Virus Warnings

The Club, Practice area, and Courses are now Open

Visitors are welcome - online booking is available

The Clubhouse (apart from The Pro Shop) has to remain closed until the 17th May.

The restaurant is CLOSED, however, we are still doing takeaway roasts on Sundays (collection only).
Just call the restaurant to order on 01237 473817 opt3.

For Clubhouse and Restaurant news including for Takeaway

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