The course has undergone a sustained attack from the sea for all of the time it has existed and during the winter of 2017/18 we lost over 20ft of sand dune beside the 7th green which took half of the 8th Championship tee completely. The 7th green is now only about 35ft from the edge of the erosion.

It was decided by the committee that a redesign of the affected area of the course was urgently necessary to ensure that we will always have 18 Championship golf holes worthy of the title "The oldest Links in England".

At an EGM on the 2nd August 2018 the below submission from Tom Mackenzie was examined by the members and voted through almost unanimously as a fantastic alteration that may well improve this section of the course.

Work will begin soon on the new 7th green and in the spring on the new 8th hole.

Watch the below video and use the pause button to stop it and take in the changes.

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