As we head into autumn, the greens are showing good signs of recovery from the summer drought stress that they suffered from this year. The 1st 13th 16th and 18th are all now around 90% recovered. One positive is that where the meadow grass had died off, our preferred fescues and bents have spread and colonised the weaker areas. All in all we have seen some good gains in fescues bents throughout all of the greens this year, and we have also seen substantial gains in root mass and development beneath the soil.

On the down side, there are many areas of the course that have suffered; these include the tees, greens surrounds and fairways. Over the coming weeks we are going to be extremely busy with renovations, overeseeding, feeding and aerating the poor areas, but I do not expect to see full recovery in this calendar year.

We are also starting to see evidence of chafer grub damage to areas of rough and subsequently we expect damage from birds and badgers to follow.

Pimpley greens and the Taylor course greens also took a battering this year as our focus concentrated on keeping the main course alive, as such we are currently re-seeding them.

In the coming weeks we will also be starting our winter projects. This year will include the softening of some of the existing astro turf bunkers, along with re-construction of a couple of others.

In recent weeks, during the morning setup of the golf course we have experienced golfers playing their shots into the greens whilst Greens staff are still cutting the greens or raking the bunkers.
This is very dangerous and completely unacceptable. Please be reminded that if you tee off prior to 8am that the Greens staff have priority on the course. If you encounter Greens staff please wait to be waved through or wait until they have completed their task and moved on.

Kind Regards
The Greens Staff

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