Updated October 2021

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green


Golf Course October 2021


The greens are now being cut at 5mm and when the growth rate slows down this will be increased to 6mm
They are still being rolled weekly helping maintain a smooth fast surface.
The over seeding work carried out at the end of August has proved very successful, increasing the quality of fescue grass.
We are trying a few new organic projects to prevent Leatherjackets and chafer grub issues which we have seen in previous years.
Going forward - we will overseed the 7th green in the coming weeks and give it some extra food, all the greens will be aerated using solid and slit tines.
They will be fed monthly during the winter period using seaweed, iron, and potash, all at very low rates.


These have been fed with a slow-release fertilizer to keep them tickling over during the winter months. They will be aerated along with the surrounding high wear areas.


The sand angle has been much improved. Stones are being collected; this is an ongoing problem.
Some more sleepers will be replaced in the coming weeks.


These will all be divot filled in the coming days, they are being mown once per week at a height of 15mm.
Weak areas have been over seeded, with germination expected in the coming days.
Preferred lies have been introduced to protect the fairways going into the winter months.
Some more over seeding is planned, all fairways will be aerated using solid and slit tines during the winter months.


Some ditches have been cleared this week, hiring a digger.
Some hand digging will be required clearing the difficult to reach areas during the winter months.
Drainages pipes are being flushed and cleaned, these have not been cleaned over the last 4 years, some are so badly blocked they might need replacing.

Pimply & Taylor

Both courses are in the good condition, our new rough mower is really making a difference.

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