Updated August 2020

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green



As we approach the end of the August meeting, the greens are rolling smooth and at a decent pace. They were treated a couple of weeks ago with a product to knock out some of the weed grasses and the affected grass is now dying back nicely.  You can see more evidence of this in the over sprayed areas on the greens surrounds.  Ultimately I would like to treat the complete surrounds also, so that they appear to be just an extension of the greens with no coarse grass in them.

Next week we will be overseeding the greens with our dimple seeder to replace the dying off weed grasses with more fine leaved fescues. The disruption to the surface should be minimal and recovery should be quick, we will also put down an autumn application of weed killer

The team of contractors will be on site next week to commence works on the new 8th hole. Initially the majority of work will be carried out by the contractors with the greenkeeping team helping out as and when required.

As the existing ladies 9th tee is to be removed to provide material for the new hole; we will be stripping off some of the turf for use around the bunker tops that died off back in the spring. We will also be re-shaping the top of the 13th fairway bunker.

I would like to extend special thanks to Maurice Heather, for initiating and implementing a regular team of volunteers to help out with ball collecting from the driving range and also divot filling of the fairways.  This is a huge help to us!

My sincere thanks to all of the volunteers also.

The new 7th green will soon be in play; we have a problem with extensive ant colonies across the entire green and are currently looking at ways to control them. It is more an aesthetic problem at the moment, but thousands of ants chewing away at the roots of your grass is not ideal.

The greens complex will need some smartening up as we move forward, time and staff resources over the last few months prevented us from working on it as much as we would have liked

The new practice net beside the first tee is finally finished. The new hitting mat allows you to tee the ball up wherever you like, to allow yourself plenty of room to swing safely.

Kind regards,

Christy Worthington.

Head Greenkeeper,








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