Updated May 2021

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green


Golf Course 27th May

The greens have been top-dressed, feed with seaweed, potash, and iron.

The height of the cut is now 4.5 mm, they are being hand mowed and rolled each week.

We are still awaiting the return of the fairway mower cutting units from the supplier, the fairways are being mown with the smaller fairway mower which is using up more of the greenkeeper's time than normal. We are expecting the cutting units to be returned next week. This means the fairways are not being cut as much as we would like.

Over the coming weeks, the weak fairways and worn areas will be overseeded.

Preferred lies are still being used when your ball is in a bunker.

With the promise of warmer weather, we are expecting the rate of grass growth to increase, which will initially slow down the playing surfaces.

Please repair your pitch marks and replace your divots.

All litter, including banana skins, must be disposed of properly, bins are provided around the clubhouse.

We are still encouraging members and visitors to use wooden/bamboo tees only, if you do use a plastic tee, please make every effort to find it.

Helping keep your course tidy makes a better environment for us all.

Golf Course 13th May

Seaweed and iron have been applied to the greens along with a light top dressing of sand.

Fairways have been divot filled.

Ditches to the left of the 1st and in front of the 2nd tee have been cleaned out.

All hazard posts have been renewed.

The new chipping green and new 8th hole have been overseeded and feed with an organic fertilizer.

The greens have been cut daily with hand and ride-on mowers.

Fairways, Apologies these have not been mown for 4 weeks as the cutting units were sent away for sharpening.  This has taken 3 weeks longer than expected due to the condition of the cutting units, they are expected back any day.


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