Updated August 2020

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It’s been a while since I last wrote a greens news for you all.  I sincerely hope this email finds you all safe and well.

Following the horrendously wet winter, we entered lockdown with the hottest driest spring on record.  Trying to maintain the course with just two staff during this time proved extremely challenging. The greens dried out and the annual meadow grass died back or was severely stressed. Long term this is a good thing, as it’s a weed grass that has no place in links greens, unfortunately we have quite a lot!

As we once again saw some rain the greens started to recover but the height difference between the healthy fescue/bent grasses and the dying meadow grass meant that the greens were very bobbly.

We started sand dressing weekly and overseeded the worst greens (1,2,13,16) It’s only the last few weeks where we have seen the ball start to roll decently again.  We will continue to sand dress and continue to overseed to promote the more desirable finer leaved grasses.

The 7th and 8th greens are slowly recovering from the salt burn following the flooding. This is obviously taking longer as both greens are still in play and receiving very heavy golf traffic, we will continue to seed them until they are back to normal.

There is also plenty of evidence of the flooding on the 1st 2nd 3rd and 18th holes where large areas of roughs and fairways have died back.  We have overseeded some areas and will continue to do so as and when time and staffing levels permit.

The tops of a lot of the bunkers that we had turfed last winter also died back through the drought spell.  Once we head into the autumn we will replace these again.

It’s nice to be finally getting some staff back! From Monday we will be 3 full time staff and 2 part time in the mornings.  This should help out keeping on top of the cutting and other basic course maintenance requirements and machinery maintenance.

I’m sure a lot more as happened but it all seems to have been one long blur.

Kind regards,

Christy Worthington.

Head Greenkeeper,







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