Updated December 2020

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green



Following on from a wet November, December continues to be wet and the course is certainly suffering in parts, mainly the first three holes and the last two. The soil is at what we call field capacity, which basically means it can’t hold any more water so even small amounts of rain will now cause flooding and with minimal evaporation we are relying on gravity and the drains to remove the water. Unfortunately the 1st and 18th fairways sit on pure clay so it takes time for the water to percolate through to the drains.  

The greens are holding up well, with the exception of the new 7th which is still looking a little sorry for itself, but all in all for the end of December I’m pretty happy with them.

We are still cutting tees, surrounds and fairways once per week and chain harrowing manure as and when necessary.

We have been busy continuing to remove scrub and brambles from ‘in play’ areas of the course. In front of the 4th yellow tees, adjacent to the 4th green, adjacent to the 11th green short of the 15th green and a large area in front of the new 7th green.  We will hopefully continue with a couple more areas before the end of the winter.

Once we get Christmas out of the way, we will be putting in some new irrigation around the 12th green.  This should take around a week or so and a temporary green will be in play, short of the main green to protect the workforce.

Lets all hope next year see’s a positive change from the ‘new normal’ have a wonderful festive season.

Kid Regards.

Christy Worthington.

Head Greenkeeper.


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