June 2019

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green

It has been a very challenging spring thus far. With virtually no rain for the last several weeks, all of the areas that were overseeded have shown very little significant growth or recovery and it is very concerning that we head into an unknown summer as dry as we currently are. Water has been applied to the fairways already in attempt to prevent them from dying off even before the season starts.

As you are all aware, we suffered a very serious case of vandalism to our 1st and 17th greens on the main course and all of the greens in the Taylor course.  It appears that along with taking shovels to the greens, some kind of chemical was also applied, which has resulted in the affected areas dying off.  All of the greens have been re-seeded twice already and I am hoping that we get some decent recovery before the surface starts to deteriorate and break up further.  At the moment the surfaces on the 1st and 17th are still puttable.

I am however not so optimistic about the greens in the Taylor course.  Approximately 80% of each green is currently dead and with very little time, resource and water to throw at it, recovery will be very lengthy.

The rest of the greens on the main course are putting well, there is some meadow grass still seeding but it is starting to peter out.  Because of the dry spring the growth on the greens has been slow.  We have top dressed the old crow damage several times, but we will need some significant growth to see the plugs amalgamate fully with the rest of the greens surface.

The badger damage has all been re-seeded and now is just waiting on nature to aid its recovery.

We are trialling some new wooden stakes around the 1st and 17th greens to hold the tapes and to replace the eyesores that we have used for years. The wooden stakes can be easily removed and replaced if they impede your shot.

There are metal hoops placed in various locations around the course. These are to protect vulnerable areas of ground that we have worked on and to prevent further damage. They are not just put there to make life difficult for you. If possible could you please avoid moving the hoops to make access easier, or if you have to move a hoop in order to play a shot, then please replace it in the same position that you took it from

Kind Regards

The Greens Staff.


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