August 2019

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green

The dry summer continues; July saw just less than an inch of rain for the entire month. The greens are holding up well and we are managing to maintain full grass coverage across them all.  With the hot temperatures, anthracnose disease spores are released, so the greens have had a light feed and some seaweed applied, to try and minimise their stress and stave off any disease.

Over the course of time the greens become infested with many undesirable grasses, these can choke out our natural fine leaved grasses and can have a negative impact on putting and ball roll.  The greens have recently been treated to remove some of these undesirable grasses. Over the following couple of weeks these grasses will begin to die off and the sward will thin out some.  The objective being, that as we hit the August meeting, the greens should be nice and lean and quick.

Following the August meeting we will again overseed the greens to aid with recovery and replenish the favourable grasses.  Some localised areas may become a little patchy but we will target seed these areas. The 1st and 17th greens will again be hand seeded as we continue with their recovery from the vandalism suffered earlier in the year.

The fairways will be over-seeded in early September as we try to regain coverage.

The new 7th green is coming along nicely, we are now cutting it at 5mm and the grass coverage is at around 80-85%. There are a few humps and hollows that need to be levelled and top dressed and there are quite a lot of weeds that are proving quite difficult to kill, but moving forward I am very pleased with its progress.

As you may have noticed many of the bunkers have been topped up with sand.  The committee feel that this makes it a little easier to get out of them. We have just received another delivery of sand and will continue to top up the remaining bunkers and provide an up slope towards the front of the bunker.  The bases and slopes have also be ‘wacker plated’ to make a firmer base and hopefully prevent so many balls plugging in the face.

We have now placed more wooden fence stakes around the 2nd and 18th greens, we just have the 12th and 15th to finish.

The Taylor course greens are showing good signs of recovery from the vandalism and now have around 75/80% grass coverage across them.  They do need spraying for weeds, but we have to wait until the newly germinated grass is strong enough to deal with the selective weed killer.  

I would like thank all the volunteers that turned out to help with the fairway divotting on Tuesday night, in very wet and windy conditions. This was an immense help and very much appreciated. The feedback from the group was very positive and we will look to make it a regular occurrence.

We wish you well with the upcoming August meeting and hope that the golfing gods smile favourably on you all.

Kind Regards

The Greens Staff.




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