Updated March 2021

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green



Firstly, on behalf of the greenkeeping team we would like to welcome you all back to the course, lets hope we now get some decent weather to make the most of it.

Its been a tough time for all, with just one greenkeeper in for most of lockdown we have just been keeping the course ticking over.

However, this week we have had all the team back and have been busy cutting and tidying up place ahead of your return.

The greens are currently being maintained at 5.5mm and this height will creep down as the growth increases. They may be a little slow and bumpy for a little while, until we get back into our full cutting/rolling/top dressing regime. They are due to be lightly top dressed again next week. They have been sprayed this week to kill off the weeds that have ingressed over the last couple of months. They have also had some liquid seaweed and their first application of wetting agent which helps with the moisture management of the greens.

The tees have also been treated for weeds as have the paddock, Taylor course and Pimpley greens. The full course has been divotted, hopefully we’ll get to see some germination soon.

The new 8th hole has been over seeded entirely again and there is a fertiliser application due for next week.  This should really help to push some good early spring growth. The new 7th green will also get a bit of extra feed to help it along.

The bunkers have all been rotavated and firmed in. However, the water table remains very high, and a couple of bunkers are still sitting wet. I think it will be a few weeks yet until they all dry out completely.

We plan on renovating/overseeding several areas of the course in the coming weeks. We still have some badger damage to remove/repair from holes 15-18


Kid Regards.

Christy Worthington.

Head Greenkeeper.


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