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PGA Teaching Professional &  Junior Academy Coach

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My name is Josh Salmon, PGA Professional and year two sports and exercise student at the university of Marjon. On social media I go by the account name of @upstreamcoaching

My goal is to be one of the top coaches in the UK, and I'm currently on my way to achieving that goal.

I just want to thank the Royal North Devon Golf Club for everything over the last 10+ years. Every member and visitor has played a part in where I am today and I'm hugely grateful for that. 

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My Roles at the Royal North Devon Golf Club; 

Junior Academy coach

I'm incredibly fortunate that I get to help sculpt the future generations of golfers at RND, I plan, run and deliver RND’s strong, ever growing junior academy. The academy sees me deliver over 450 hours of junior coaching per year. Junior coaching for me is such a rewarding activity, it really allows me to be creative with my planning and lesson set up. Junior coaching is excellent for making my private one- to-one successful, as the process of understanding the complex movement patterns of the golf swing and then explaining the moves to children of all ages means my understanding and delivery of coaching points is able to resonate with everyone I coach.

PGA Teaching Professional & Custom Fitter

Coaching has been my passion for years, it's been a big driving force behind me going back to University to further my understanding of biomechanics, sports physiology and physiology 

My coaching practice is modern and concise, as any good professional would I target the impact factors that control the launch conditions and ball flights. I have been fortunate enough to log lots of hours using Trackman, and force plates so i know my understanding of golf swings is incredibly sound being underpinned by science.

As a coach I have worked with complete beginners, club level golfers of all ages,  elite level amateurs, Marjon University golf team and also work with fellow PGA professionals to get there swings ready for tournament golf.

Custom fitting is an area where I know you pick the low hanging fruit as such, playing equipment that is right for you will allow the mechanics of the swing to function, having equipment that is optimized for you will really pay off. A fitting is important no matter your ability, I know I can make the process of improving easier with correctly fit equipment. It was for this reason one of the first things I did at RND was purchase a loft and lie machine, to offer a service that should always be available.

Lesson Rates

Please see below my current rates; my main aim is to make improvements to your golf, if we require a few lessons I can offer a discount across sessions once a long term plan has been formulated.

30 minute -£25

30 minute using technology such as trackman - £30

40 minute lesson - £35 

60 minute lesson £45

Loft and lie checks and changes  £35 per set of irons 


My portfolio 

As a PGA professional I work with many different people and organisations examples include; University team coaching, Schools Golf Festivals, Street Golf events,  England Golf's - Girls Golf Rocks, Running or supporting other Junior Golf Academies in Devon, Remote Online Private Lessons.  If you would like to work together please get in touch.

I try to use my social to showcase the work I do and to give free coaching and advice to golfers all over the world so if you can please follow me on the following;

Instagram - @upstreamcoaching                 Facebook - theupstreamcoach                    Youtube - Upstream Coaching




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  • We had a great Sunday Lunch here today. Everything cooked to perfection. Would highly recommend.
  • Awesome golf course in an unreal setting and very well maintained, highly recommend playing here if you get the chance. Demanding but fair course that makes you think. If you’re getting a caddie ask for Dave, great guy who knows his stuff
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