Members and visitors are asked to ensure that they conform to a good, neat and clean standard of dress both on and off the course.

The following must not be worn in the Clubhouse: Wet clothing, Hats/Caps/Visors and T-Shirts, dirty work clothing, high vis jackets, working /wellies boots.

The following must not be worn on the Golf Courses: T-Shirts, Sleeveless Shirts (men only), Vests & Football or Rugby tops. 

Only tailored shorts/cargo shorts are acceptable in the Clubhouse and Golf Courses. Beach or football shorts are not acceptable anywhere.

Denim jeans are acceptable in the Clubhouse only if they are neat & tidy, are of uniform colour and are free of any fraying, holes, rips or tears. 

Persons not adhering to the above dress code will be asked to change before using the Clubhouse or the Golf Course.

We do not insist on white socks with shorts!

Juniors coming to weekend golf lessons can pretty much wear whatever they like as long as they are happy, comfortable and warm!

More FAQ's for new members can be found here

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