Club calendar on your mobile?

Many members use this all the time but just in case you are not aware or maybe a new member this is how you can have the Golf Club Calendar on your Phone/Tablet/PC along with your own personal Calendar.

Apple iOS Setup

Firstly for Apple iOS iPhones:

 This short video shows what you need to do (there is no audio) - If you can it is best to do this on your phone.

Login to your account on the Members area of the Club website and go to the Diary (this link will open a new page and take you there so you can still read this.)

At the top then click on "Itinerary for the year" and then as the video shows you you need to click on the little icon next to the print button to Subscribe.

After a few seconds click the button that pops up saying "Subscribe".

Your Calendar will then open and you are subscribed to every item in the calendar.

To only show the relevant events to you (Men/Ladies/Juniors etc) follow the instructions on Preferences to only see your membership category events.


Android Calendar Setup

Next over to Android - so if you have a Google/Samsung/Huawei/Sony type phone you can still easily get the calendar on your phone. This is easier to do on a computer as it links to your Google calendar across all your devices.

Follow the simple instruction in the video below. You still need to start logged in to the Members area of the club website on the Diary Page.

Once you have completed the below steps - open the calendar on your phone and the Club events will show up. If they don't show simply click the menu icon on the top left of your screen and then put a tick on the box next to "Royal North Devon Golf Club"


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