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4th green autumn 2018

With the weather finally turning colder we will see the grass growth start to slow. The greens are currently performing well and head into the winter in good health. We will bring the height of cut on the greens up to 5mm and start to reduce our cutting regime. This will help protect them through the upcoming winter months.

It is now imperative that we repair as many pitch marks as we can, because any damage now sustained will not recover until the grass actively starts growing again in the spring.

We have overseeded and aerated the fairways and greens surrounds that were worst affected by the summer heat and drought and we have seen some good recovery in these areas. We will look to aerate all the fairways this winter and more work will be required in the spring along with some favourable weather to get them back to full grass coverage.

As you may have noticed we have been working on the greenside bunkers on the 14th green. We are trying to make them more ‘user friendly’ The front left one has been reduced in height by 8 inches. The front right bunker has had the face angle reduced from 80* down to 60* and the height will also be reduced by around 8 inches. We aim to do the same with the steep bunker in front of the 4th green. We will then move on to rebuild a few of our more worn out bunkers.

The badgers and birds are actively seeking out grubs around the course, at the moment their activity is mainly in the rough areas. Once they have stopped digging we will look to repair the affected areas.


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  • One of the country's oldest clubs. Even if you are not playing, just enjoy the fantastic views from the cafe area that looks out towards the Bristol Channel approaches and Lundy island.. wonderful place with wonderful staff.
  • Awesome golf course in an unreal setting and very well maintained, highly recommend playing here if you get the chance. Demanding but fair course that makes you think. If you’re getting a caddie ask for Dave, great guy who knows his stuff
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