Greens News March 2019

Royal North Devon Golf Club 18th Green

The crows finally seem to have stopped pecking at the greens and surrounds. The grubs they seek have migrated deeper into the soil and out of reach. We will continue to search for remedies in order to try and prevent a re-occurrence next winter. We have managed to patch and repair the majority of the damage caused to these areas, it is now just a matter of dressing/levelling and growing the patches in.

The greens (not attacked by crows) have made it through the winter in good order, but like the rest of us, will now welcome a warm spring with open arms.

We have finished our winter bunker projects and all are back in play with the exception of the 3rd fairway bunker which requires a little more time for the surrounding turf to root down.

We are currently finishing fairway aeration, which will aid recovery from last summers drought damage and we have also begun to over-seed the worst affected ones.

For this years machinery investment, we are replacing our old sprayer and top dresser, both are essential bits of kit and are used on a bi-weekly basis. We are also getting a new greens over-seeder. This will be a great asset in helping to increase finer grass species as we continue to improve greens.

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The Greens Staff.

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