Newsletter 27th September 2021

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Scorecards for handicap purposes, as long as you complete at least 10 holes your score will count towards a handicap.

We have applied for a 9 hole qualifying course. This will apply to the front nine only.

As a reminder, if you are wanting to do a General play score please register at the PSI prior to playing, on return, enter your score into the PSI, and put your scorecard in the box. All these scores must be ratified by your playing partners.



The all-day Stableford now has two handicap divisions- 14 and under and 15 and above.

For 2022 the Schoolmaster knockout in August will have 16 competitors qualify for the knockout stages.

Twos round of knockout will be played on Monday, semi-finals on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, Finals on Friday as usual.

Also new for 2022 will be a Club Championship stroke play event, this will be held on 30th and 31st July.

The first round will be included in the  Billy Gale medal. With the usual rules and course set up. The second round will be played from the Black tees, with tee times organized by the previous day's scores, in reserve order, with the best scratch scores from Saturday going off last. Entries will be available for just the 18 holes or for the 36 holes Stroke play championship, prizes awarded for scratch and handicap.


Golf Course

From Monday 4th October we will be introducing preferred lies, this year, this will include all bunkers, even during qualifying competitions.

Preferred lies rules can be found here

Even though bunkers are preferred lies please still rake the bunker after your shot, by pushing the sand towards the front of the bunker.

Local rule - for clarification, the rule state; 'All tarmac roads, stone, and astroturf paths are free drops' all stone paths must be continuous, the path to the left of the 6th hole, next to the fence is not continuous and would not qualify for a free drop.


Bar and Dining room opening times from Monday 4th October

                                    BAR                                          CLUBHOUSE

SUNDAY            11.00 am -  6.00 pm                    7.00 am -   6.30 pm
MONDAY          11.00 am -  6.00 pm                    7.00 am -   6.30 pm
TUESDAY         11.00 am -  6.00 pm                    7.00 am -   6.30 pm
WEDNESDAY   11.00 am -  10.00pm                    7.00am   -   10.30pm
THURSDAY      11.00 am -  6.00 pm                    7.00 am -   6.30 pm
FRIDAY              11.00 am -  7.00 pm                     7.00 am -   7.30 pm
SATURDAY       11.00 am -  7.00 pm                     7.00 am -   7.30 pm

PaR Dining will be available each day between 9.30am – 4.00pm



Mark Evans
General Manager
Royal North Devon Golf Club

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Lowis Cup Greensomes & Officers' Installation
Ladies Still Cup Semi Final

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  • One of the country's oldest clubs. Even if you are not playing, just enjoy the fantastic views from the cafe area that looks out towards the Bristol Channel approaches and Lundy island.. wonderful place with wonderful staff.
  • Awesome golf course in an unreal setting and very well maintained, highly recommend playing here if you get the chance. Demanding but fair course that makes you think. If you’re getting a caddie ask for Dave, great guy who knows his stuff
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