Newsletter 29th January 2021

I hope you are all well and looking forward to some golf soon, hopefully!


Bideford Bay-Entries to the draw for tee times will close on 29th January. Entry forms can be found here. You can enter after this date but priority tee times are given to those who have entered on or before the 29th of January.

Due to the uncertainty on whether this event will go ahead, the tee times will not be advertised until early March.

The Men’s Dinner planned for 20th March will be golf only, fingers crossed! The entry is open online. The event will be a Drawn American foursome. Spaces are limited to 92. We will endeavour to run a tote.

All February competitions have been cancelled, entrance fees have been refunded.

Golf Course.

The Course is still very wet, we have had over 11 inches of rain since the 1st December, some drains were found blocked, these have now been cleared.

The greens/surrounds are being cut once a week.

Fairways are being vertidrained - This helps air movement through the soil, as well as allowing water to drain freely, it also reduces compaction.


petanque court

Clubhouse and surrounding areas.

The petanque will now be sited at the top of the pimply ground.

A new pimply hole will be created keeping the course at 9 holes.

A new practice short game/putting area will be created in the top of the Taylor course field when the ground conditions permit.

The area around the Greenkeeping shed and the front field will be tidied up next week


Club AGM

The Club’s AGM is due to take place on Thursday 13th May 2021. As the transfer from the Committee set up to a Board set was delayed because of Covid. I am sending this notice out early, looking for prospective candidates. The roles that require filling can be found here

You can apply for the Chairman's role and one of the 4 Board positions.

If you get elected as Chairman your application for the Board will be discarded.  

For the 4 Board positions, if so desired, you can highlight you are preferred position although these will be decided amongst the New Board.

Out of the 4 Board Members, two positions are to serve just one year, with the other two serving two years. The Chairman will serve a three-year term.


Business plan

The Committee has employed a professional firm (FMG consulting) to formulate a business plan.

This company specializes in the sports industry including working with many golf clubs.

We would like the input of members in formulating this plan.

If you would like to be involved please send an email to me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Committee working group will select 5 members to attend an online meeting.

We really need replies by Monday midday.

The members selected will hopefully cover the various age groups/sex we have within the club.

The  meeting is booked for 6.30 on Wednesday 3rd February,

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Google Reviews

  • One of the country's oldest clubs. Even if you are not playing, just enjoy the fantastic views from the cafe area that looks out towards the Bristol Channel approaches and Lundy island.. wonderful place with wonderful staff.
  • Awesome golf course in an unreal setting and very well maintained, highly recommend playing here if you get the chance. Demanding but fair course that makes you think. If you’re getting a caddie ask for Dave, great guy who knows his stuff
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