Newsletter December 2020


Hinde perpetual – this competition is for the most consistent golfer of the year.

Points are awarded for all medals, 10 points for 1st 9 points for 2nd and so on, you also receive points for the knockout events- the leader board with just the Northamship and Taylor Matchplay results pending is; Click Here

This Saturday Stableford is the last event for the Stanley Taggart eclectic trophy.

The present standing can be found here. Click Here


Competition rules - a copy of these were sent last week, the dog rule 20, has been amended to read.

Dogs are permitted to be taken onto the course during a competition round, but all playing partners must be consulted and give their approval.  Permission must be sort 24 hours in advance from your playing partners. The dog must be permanently be kept on a lead.

Under no circumstances are dogs permitted to find their owners’ ball or there playing partners’ balls. Penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification.

Whisky foursomes - The prize giving and carols cannot take place this year, all prize winnings will be added to your members card instead of the usual liquid prizes.


Officers Installation (3rd January) - At this early stage we do not consider that the ceremony (golf as normal) will be able to take place.  If the weather permits the 3 new Captains and President will drive off the 1st tee at 1pm.

2021 Open competitions, these will open on-line on 1st January 2021. Payment is required with entry.


Tee times

 The setting on the tee booking system have been amended. This will allow other members to join your group if you do not take all 4 tee slots.

Slow play- please keep up with the group in front, please be conscious that if you are slow some later starters might not complete there round before darkness falls.  Play ready golf when it is safe to do so. Slow Play is being monitored daily.



The Changing rooms and toilets are open between 8am and 4pm each day.

Early warning – From Monday 4th January the carpet tiles in the Pro’s shop, hallway and Men’s changing rooms are being renewed. If you rent a locker which is free standing in the middle of the changing room could you, please empty your locker for two weeks from this date.



The members Facebook page has been archived.

The reason is that some members have not been following the guidelines.

Comments Posted of negative and controversial nature are not of benefit to any member.


Old Links Cottage site

links cottage site

Contractors have been appointed to turn this site into extra car parking spaces. These spaces will be predominantly for larger vehicles such as van and trucks.

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Junior Captain 2021
Butterfield mixed foursomes Medal

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Google Reviews

  • One of the country's oldest clubs. Even if you are not playing, just enjoy the fantastic views from the cafe area that looks out towards the Bristol Channel approaches and Lundy island.. wonderful place with wonderful staff.
  • Awesome golf course in an unreal setting and very well maintained, highly recommend playing here if you get the chance. Demanding but fair course that makes you think. If you’re getting a caddie ask for Dave, great guy who knows his stuff
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