Dress Code

Members and visitors are asked to ensure that they conform to a good, neat and clean standard of dress both on and off the course.

The following must not be worn in the Main Lounge: Wet clothing, Hats/Caps/Visors and T-Shirts

The following must not be worn on the Golf Courses: T-Shirts, Sleeveless Shirts (men only), Vests & Football or Rugby tops.

Tailored crew/turtle neck golf shirts are not categorised as T-Shirts and are acceptable.

Only tailored shorts/cargo shorts are acceptable in the Clubhouse and Golf Courses. Beach or football shorts are not acceptable anywhere.

Denim jeans are acceptable in the Clubhouse only if they are neat & tidy, are of uniform colour and are free of any fraying, holes, rips or tears.

Appropriate footwear is to be worn in the Clubhouse. Deck/Canvas closed shoes without socks are acceptable for all. Open toe sandals and flip-flops for men are not acceptable.

Persons not adhering to the above dress code will be asked to change before using the Clubhouse or the Golf Course.