Green Report

Greens report


The Greens were deep tined a couple of weeks ago and have now settled back down nicely, they continue to be cut at their winter height of 5mm and from the feedback we are receiving, seem to be rolling relatively well given the time of year.  
Along with the sheep urine burns on the greens, we are now starting to see damage from birds pecking at the surface in search of grubs.  The products that we once used to use to control the grubs that they seek are no longer available to us.  All we can do now is repair the damage as and when it occurs.

The turf has now been laid on all of the newly levelled tees.  I expect these tees to be returned to play in the spring, once the grass has sufficiently rooted enough to sustain the wear and tear that they will endure.

The 3 new bunkers on the 1st have now been completed and I am sure you will agree that they definitely add to the aesthetics and playability of the opening hole.

We currently have the right hand greenside bunker on 12 under construction. We will crack on with this over the next week once were back to full manpower following the Christmas break.
We are also working inside of the new par 3. We have hit one potential stumbling block, whereby Chichester required access to drains that run through the back of the course, through one Green and one Tee.  This area will now have to be re landscaped once their work has finished.
This has the likely and unfortunate impact of further delaying the opening date for the new par 3.

As always, your continued help with repairing pitch marks and replacing divots is appreciated.  The more we can protect your course throughout the winter, the better it will play the following season.

And finally, may we wish you all the very best for the remainder of the festive season and hope that the golfing gods are smiling on us all in 2018.

Kind Regards and a

Happy New Year

The Greens Staff

Winter Program   

Rebuild bunkers,

1st GS X3

7th GS X 1

11th GS X3

12th GS X2

Re model 4th GS X2, 6th Cross FW bunker.

Repair Bunker rake damage to back of large bunkers.

Level and re-turf 3rd Tee.

Level and re-turf 16th yellow tee.

Level and re-turf 9th champ Tee.

Turf and rubber mat various path ends.

Lift and re-turf 18th FW drains.

Sand and level various scrapes/paths/tracks.

Replace rotten Bunker boards, 4th 13th 15th 16th (Nicky?)

Lift and re-model 3rd Green in new Par 3.

Complete work in Par 3, bunkers, shaping etc