Green Report

Greens report


The grass growth on the greens continues to be sporadic, contributing to a slightly uneven ball roll, couple this with the annual meadow grass which has just started to seed and we start to struggle to maintain a ‘true’ surface for the next few weeks, until everything starts to settle down.

To combat these issues we will continue to lightly groom and roll the greens regularly.

Once settled down I’m quietly optimistic that the greens will continue to improve and perform well this year.

It has been a stressful time for the greens over the last few weeks with several large competitions and plenty of foot traffic to contend with and the next few weeks/months see no let up.

We are hoping to get a light top dressing and some much needed feed into them, during the next week and the following week we will hopefully be able to put some air back into them.

The greens and surrounds have all been treated for weeds, the weeds should all die off over the next 4 or 5 weeks. We still have the tees to do and several fairways.

It’s nice to finally get most of the tapes down that surround the greens, I’m hoping that the weather takes notice and starts to treat us with some spring/summer like weather. March saw the wettest month since 2001 we had 119mm of rain and in April we saw a further 83mm of rain with only 2012 and 2000 beating that.

The fairways have started to grow and the definition is starting to show again, hopefully we will be able to see the end of preferred lies soon and the end of the unsightly green lines.

The hybrid turf that we are trialling around the tops of several bunkers, at the moment seems to working.  The sheep and horses are proving unable to damage the tops of these bunkers and the natural grass is starting to fill in through it nicely. If it continues to perform, this will prove a massive labour saving exercise in repair work through the winter months.

As always thank you for always repairing your pitchmark and replacing your divots.

Even though the greens are firming up your ball will still leave a mark, please find it.

Kind Regards

The Greens Staff