Green Report

Greens report


As the mild weather has continued and the grass still continues to grow vigorously the greens are still being maintained 4mm.  October was a very mild month, where overnight temperatures were very similar to daytime temperatures. This coupled with very high humidity and heavy morning dews meant that the greens were under what we call a lot of “disease pressure” So far they have weathered the storm relatively well and the majority are in very good health, the exception being the putting green. The putting green is showing significant disease stress.  This is largely due to the fact that it is pretty much a ‘meadow grass’ green, coupled with the weather and the amount of traffic it receives on a daily basis. We have treated it with Iron to help strengthen the plant and it along with all the other greens will be aerated over the coming days.

The greens were overseeded (with pure fescue) again on the 12th of October and evidence of good germination can be seen across all the greens.

The 8th Greenside bunker has been completed, we are just waiting for the turf to root and knit together before re-opening it.

We have also lifted, raised and re-levelled the path in front of the 2nd Tee. The grass that it was laid on top of should grow through the rubber matting and eventually hide it

The recent storms that blew through have moved a lot of sand around in the bunkers; we will endeavour to re shape the insides of them as soon as we are able to. They are all raked on a daily basis but several do need more attention.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us, with contractors coming in to help with several course improvements. The greenside bunker to the right of the first green is to be replaced by 3 pot bunkers. The 3rd yellow and white tees are being levelled along with the 16th yellows and 17th whites.  We will then continue with our ambitious winter programme, details of which will follow at the end of this report.

As always, your continued help with repairing pitch marks and replacing divots is appreciated. The more we can protect the course throughout the winter, the better it will play the following season.


 The Greens Staff

Winter Program   

Rebuild bunkers,

1st GS X3

7th GS X 1

11th GS X3

12th GS X2

Re model 4th GS X2, 6th Cross FW bunker.

Repair Bunker rake damage to back of large bunkers.

Level and re-turf 3rd Tee.

Level and re-turf 16th yellow tee.

Level and re-turf 9th champ Tee.

Turf and rubber mat various path ends.

Lift and re-turf 18th FW drains.

Sand and level various scrapes/paths/tracks.

Replace rotten Bunker boards, 4th 13th 15th 16th (Nicky?)

Lift and re-model 3rd Green in new Par 3.

Complete work in Par 3, bunkers, shaping etc