Green Report

Greens report


Wow, what a winter so far! Just about everything that mother nature can throw at the course, she has done. At the end of last month storm Eleanor paid us an unwanted visit.  Along with the loss of several metres of coastline behind the 7th Green the 8th green was also flooded.  A liquid Gypsum product was applied to the green in order to flush the salts through the soil profile.  The Green has responded well and doesn’t appear to be showing too many ill effects from its salt water submersion. 

The height of cut on the greens will be brought up 1mm to 6mm, as there have been a few instances of the wind moving the ball on the greens, this will also give them a little more protection against the elements.

The Crows continue to peck the greens in search of chafer grubs. We have applied another trial product to the greens in order to tackle the grub problem and also placed some fake plastic decoy crows around the affected greens to try and deter them from the area. On the worst affected greens we have had to replace up to two hundred grass plugs in the green.  

Due to the threat of losing the 7th green to coastal erosion, we will now ‘loosely’ start to maintain a couple of spare greens in case we have to redevelop any areas in a hurry.

We have ordered some bunker sand to top up new bunkers and several others around the course.  I expect to bring the new 1st green side bunkers into play once the new sand has been added.

On several of the new bunkers we are trialling some hybrid astro turf around the tops.  This is to try and combat the problem of the animals nibbling away at the edges and causing the bunkers to fall quickly into disrepair.  I realise at the moment that the hybrid turf itself looks unsightly, but it is hoped that as the grass starts to grow again the natural turf will fill in the gaps and the hybrid turf will be lost amongst it.  As I said it is a trial and its effectiveness and aesthetics will be monitored.

Chichester homes have yet to complete their drainage work in the new par 3 course which is definitely going to set us back. The whole site sits very wet and areas that we worked on in October are still showing little signs of recovering and other areas we simply can’t access with machinery.  It will take some drying out and favourable conditions in the spring to move it on, but we will get there.

As always, your continued help with repairing pitch marks and replacing divots is appreciated.  The more we can protect your course throughout the winter, the better it will play the following season.

Kind Regards

The Greens Staff

Winter Program   

Rebuild bunkers,

1st GS X3

7th GS X 1

11th GS X3

12th GS X2

Re model 4th GS X2, 6th Cross FW bunker.

Repair Bunker rake damage to back of large bunkers.

Level and re-turf 3rd Tee.

Level and re-turf 16th yellow tee.

Level and re-turf 9th champ Tee.

Turf and rubber mat various path ends.

Lift and re-turf 18th FW drains.

Sand and level various scrapes/paths/tracks.

Replace rotten Bunker boards, 4th 13th 15th 16th (Nicky?)

Lift and re-model 3rd Green in new Par 3.

Complete work in Par 3, bunkers, shaping etc