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From 01012020: The Club will not allow plastic tees on the course.

The Royal North Devon Golf Course is part of the North Devon Bio-sphere and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We manage the course through an ecology agreement with Natural England. The course sits on common land and is as natural as the day it was formed with sheep and horses roaming around whilst you are playing golf and enjoying the fantastic natural surroundings. 

The course was originally laid out in 1864 by Old Tom Morris on the links land which is still used today with nothing more than grass, sand dunes and Great Sea rushes.

In 1988 English Nature, Now Natural England recognised the site and awarded it SSSI status as the course up to and since that period has been managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. We are at present working alongside Natural England and Torridge District Council to remove the non-native species such as bramble leaving the natural plants to flourish.

All soil and sand used on the site is recycled ditch material except for topdressing sand for the greens.

A major initiative is currently being promoted by the R&A and is referred to as “sustainable golf.”

What this means is a departure from heavy reliance on pesticides, fertiliser and water; working with Mother Nature as opposed to fighting against her.

This means encouraging the fine fescue grasses instead of the heavily water and fertiliser-reliant annual meadow grass which gives a very poor winter surface.

In the height of summer, the course will harden, and your ball will roll out along the fast-running fairways. You will not be greeted by a soft, over-watered greens but instead a firm putting surface that encourages quick greens.

At Royal North Devon, greens receive a very small amount of nitrogen each year, as do the tees. This is then backed up with applications of liquid seaweed and iron.

The fairways are never given any fertiliser nor is there fairway watering. (unless in drought situation) Water is applied to tees and greens simply to keep the grass alive. This all leads to the rebirth of the traditional bump and run game as opposed to target golf.

At Royal North Devon we are very aware of the unique environment around us and try to work in such a way as to enhance it so that it remains for all to enjoy. Come out and partake in everything Mother Nature has entrusted us with! Remember no earth moving machines were used to create what we play on today!

Royal North Devon Golf Club has been welcoming visiting golfers for over 150 years. Our visitors effectively become members of the club for a day and we are dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of them enjoys the club to its fullest.


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Cards are available in the starters hut by the white tees

The golf courses are now open for MEMBERS & VISITORS.
Visitors from Devon/Cornwall and Somerset are permitted from 1st June.
These Tee times must be booked through the office via a phone call, (01237 473817)  Full payment must be made with the booking.
These can only be booked 5 days in advance

You can book as a single player or as a two ball (max) 3 & 4 balls will be allowed from Friday 5th June

The following rules must be adhered to for the safety of Staff and Members

Always keep to the 2 metres social distancing rules.

Golf and booking guidelines

All tee times must be booked in advance, (including Pimply and The Taylor courses) either on-line or by calling 01237 473817

No one should turn up without having a tee time booked unless they are using the practice ground.

No golf is permitted before 7am on the main course and 9am on the short courses.

You must only arrive 15 minutes before your tee time and leave as soon as your game has finished.


Competitive golf with the above restrictions is going well.

To book a tee time we have set up a competition start sheet for each day and each course.

Go to Competition/upcoming, all three courses are bookable.

You can book as a single player or as a two ball (max) 3 & 4 balls will be allowed from Friday 5th June

Tee times can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Maximum of three tee times per golfer over a 7 day period however you may book an additional tee times ON THE SAME DAY if there are spares.

The start sheets will open at 7pm each evening.

Maximum of 4 players on the practice ground-range ball buckets handles should be cleaned prior to use, cleaning spray next to buckets.


All golf equipment must arrive and leave with you, including trolleys.

If your clubs are in the locker room, arrangements for you to collect them can be made by calling 01237 473817.

All golf shoes must be changed in the car park.


The indoor net will remain closed. 

Shoe cleaning equipment is not in use.

The Clubhouse will remain closed.

Golf Course

Most bunkers are now INPLAY - preferred lies are in operation within all bunkers ( 6" placement ) All rakes have been removed from the bunkers,

All flags must remain in the hole, the ball will only drop into the top of the hole and can easily be retrieved without touching the flag stick.

Ball scoops - removed.

Bins and benches removed.

The front gate has a towel wrapped around the handle which has been soaked in disinfectant-remember anything you touch has the possibility of infecting you!

The Committee has agreed failure to comply with these rules will mean a two-week ban, sorry but we need to be firm.

Hand sanitiser is available outside the front door of the Clubhouse.

As per government advice, shielded members must still remain at home until 30th June.


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